Friday, May 15, 2009

Children of Jan Marcinczyk & Magdalina Kowalewska

Bronislawa Catherine Martensky was born August 24, 1909 in Bridgeport, CT and died February 1, 1988 in Hartford. [Note: Date indicated on her death certificate and obituary was "Marcinczyk".] Bertha married:

Claude Raymond Morin, son of Wilfred Morin and Jennie Holmes, in New Britain, CT on August 1, 1927. Claude was born in Pittsfield, MA January 1, 1907 and died in New Britain June 21, 1954. [See also]

Their children: Claudia Florence Morin and Roswell Robert Morin.

John H. McInnis, son of Norman McInnis and Kathryn Misker, in New Britain, CT on January 15, 1955. "Mac" was born July 21, 1881 and died in New Britain February 12, 1959.

Chester J. Bobinski, son of Alexander Bobinski and [Unknown], in New Britain, CT on February 14, 1960. "Chet" was born March 16, 1906 and died in Fort Macon, GA December 27, 1993.

Leokadya Martensky was born January 24, 1911 in Bridgeport and died November 20, 1968 in Hartford. Lucy never married.

Antony J. Marcinczyk was born July 1, 1915 and died September 14, 1937 in New Britain. Tony never married.

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