Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Grandchildren of Jan & Daniel Marcinczyk

Brian Barnes [son of Shelby Barnes] ... pictured here.

Kyle A. Collins [grandson of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Matthew J. Collins [grandson of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Melissa C. Collins [grandaughter of Sophia Marcinczyk] married Paul Mehigan, son of WHO and WHO, in WHERE on WHEN.

Their children: William Mehigan, Rachel Mehigan, Damien Mehigan and Brooke Mehigan

Amy DeCelles [grandaughter of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Sarah DeCelles [grandaughter of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Diane Lynn Grala [grandaughter of Bertha Marcinczyk] married John "Butch" Joseph Hook, Jr., son of John P. Hook and Elizabeth A. Dickenson, in Newington on August 25, 1973. Butch died there on 19 January 1998.

Their children: John Joseph Hook Jr. and Thomas Edward Hook

Judith Ann Grala [grandaughter of Bertha Marcinczyk] married Ralf Heit, son of Otto Heit and Elfriede Barkleit, in Greymouth, New Zealand on October 15, 1987.

Stanley Edward Grala, Jr. [grandson of Bertha Marcinczyk] married Elzbieta "Ella" Monika Orzel, daughter of Ignacy Orzel and Katarzyna WHO, in New Britain on August 10, 1985.

Their children: Brett Stanley Grala Stanley Edward Grala III

Gregory Martin [grandson of Joseph Marcinczyk/Martin]

Kristoffer James Martin [grandson of Joseph Marcinczyk/Martin]

Laura Martin [grandaughter of Joseph Marcinczyk/Martin] married William Buckman, son of Jack Buckman and Wilma WHO, in Northampton, MA on November 29, 2003.

Their child: Scarlet Buckman

Marc Michael Martin [grandson of Joseph Marcinczyk/Martin] married Angela Miranda, daughter of Ernesto Miranda and Margaret Sutton, in La Jolla, CA on November 12, 2000.

Their children: Ava Miranda Martin and Zoe Makenna Martin

Sean Thomas Martin [grandson of Joseph Martin]

Anthony Jacob Marz [grandson of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz]

Devan Joseph Marz [grandson of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz]

Sara Jane Marz [grandaughter of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz] married Charles Asbeck, son of Roy Asbeck and Marlene WHO, in Baraboo, WI on November 22, 1972.

Their children: Maya Renee Asbeck and Ethan Charles Asbeck

Susan Jane Marz [grandaughter of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz] married Vincent Thomson, son of William H. Thomson and Rosemary Weismantel, in Madison, WI on October 25, 1977.

Their children: Jack William Thomson and Michael Lewis Thomson

Sydney Elizabeth Marz [grandaughter of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz]

Timothy Peter Marz [grandson of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz] with Carla Kearns, daughter of WHO and WHO.

Their child: Kaydin James Marz

Bruce Meacham [grandson of Mary Marcinczyk] married Amanda WHO, daughter of WHO and WHO, in WHERE on WHEN.

Chrissy Meacham [grandaughter of Mary Marcinczyk]

Cindy Meacham [grandaughter of Mary Marcinczyk] married Kevin Joseph O'Connor, son of WHO and WHO, in WHERE on WHEN.

Their children: Kaitlyn Ann O'Connor, Kevin Joseph O'Connor, Jr. and Ryan Andrew O'Connor

Laurie Meacham [grandaughter of Mary Marcinczyk]

Scott Meacham [grandson of Mary Marcinczyk]

Adam Nardelli [grandson of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Joshua Nardelli [grandson of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Christopher James Pitts [grandson of Edward Marcinczyk/Marz] with Deanna L. Harrison, daughter of Dean Harrison and Connie VonBehren.

Their child: Parker Dean Harrison

Julia Anne Scalley [grandaughter of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Olivia Jean Scalley [grandaughter of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Teresa Marie Scalley [grandaughter of Sophia Marcinczyk]

Chad Alan Sheline [grandson of Edward Marz]

Zachary Stephen Sheline [grandson of Edward Marz]

Amanda Sherman [grandaughter of Mary Marcinczyk]

Jennifer Sherman [grandaughter of Mary Marcinczyk]

Jonathan Sherman [grandson of Mary Marcinczyk]

"To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?" -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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