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Jan J. Marcinczyk

"My mother had told me so many stories about Jan and Daniel. When she was a little girl, she used to go over to visit "Aunt Magda" and there was always a warm plate of cookies waiting. On Sundays, the brothers would get together and have a mini-concert in the kitchen. Daniel would play the balalaika and Jan would play the fiddle." Joyce-Marie Andy

On December 22, 1867 Jan J. Marcinczyk was born to Jan J. Marcinczyk and Marianna Panasewicz. At the time of his birth, the family resided in Ostrowa, Dąbrowa, Białostocka , Poland.

Jan "Marzinzik" departed from Rotterdam, Holland aboard the S.S. Noordam on April 8, 1905 and arrived in New York on April 19. He gave his last place of residence as Ostrowo and indicated he was coming to his brother-in-law, W. Karpacz, at 79 Oren (probably Orange) Street in New Britain, CT.

Soon after arriving, he relocated to Bridgeport, CT where he met and married Magdalina S. Kowalewska, the daughter of Jan Kowalewski and Katarzyna Kiejko, in Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT on October 6, 1908. Magdalina was born in Szuszalewo, Podlaskie, Poland on May 24, 1883.

The ships manifest for the SS Amerika indicates "Magda Jbowalewska" arrived in New York on November 18, 1906 and was going to her brother-in-law, Wincenty Skarzinski, at Bridgeport, CT. [Wincenty was the husband of Magdalina's sister, Zofia.]

Jan started using the name "John Martensky" as early as August 24, 1909 when he signed the birth certificate of his first born child, Bronislawa [Bertha] Catherine Martensky. Other children born to John and Magdalina were Leokadya [Lucy] Martensky, born January 24, 1911 and Antoni [Tony] J. Martensky, born July 1, 1915.

John died in New Britain on February 26, 1947. Magdalina died there on May 19, 1958.


  • 1910 Census -- "Mastenki" living at 495 Park Ave., Bridgeport.
  • 1920 Census -- "Martinchik" living at 164 Columbia St., Bridgeport.
  • 1924 Nov 10 Declaration of Intent -- Living at 21 Horace St., New Britain. Signed "Martensky".
  • 1926 Dec 14 Petition for Naturalization -- Living at 21 Horace St. Signed "Marcinchyk". Asks to have his name changed officially to "Martensky".
  • 1927 Sep 26 Certificate of Naturalization [No. 2584221] issued to "Martensky".
  • 1930 Census -- "Martenski" living at 157 Broad St., New Britain.
  • 1934/1935/1936 Directory -- "Marcinczyk" living at 161 Broad St., New Britain [emp. benchwrkr/filler CSCorp].
  • 1937 May 17 SSN Application -- Living at 161 Broad St. Signed "Martenchyk".

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