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Grandchildren of Jan & Daniel Marcinczyk

Children of Mary Theresa Marcinczyk and Joseph S. (Andrzejczyk) Andy:

Carolyn Mary Andy [living] married Jon Sherman, son of WHO and WHO, in Avon in 1978 [D].

Their children: Jennifer Sherman, Jonathan Sherman and Amanda Sherman.

Christine Mary Andy married Bruce Meacham, son of WHO and Helen Barton, in New Britain on August 24, 1968.

Their children: Cindy Meacham, Scott Meacham, Laurie Meacham, Bruce Meacham Jr. and Chrissy Meacham.

(Photos from Bruce's wedding, August 2008.)

Joyce-Marie Kathleen Andy married Shelby Barnes Jr., son of WHO and WHO on August 23, 2003.

Their children: Brian Barnes [by previous marriage]

Children of Stanley K. Marcinczyk and Helen G. Gorski:

Daniel Marcinczyk married Patricia A. Mlynick, daughter of Joseph Mlynick and Genevieve Bednarczyk, in Meriden on July 14, 1972.

Diane H. Marcinczyk married Carl E. Brown, son of Clarence Brown and Jennie Skinner, in Manchester on August 24, 1985.

Edward S. Marcinczyk

John R. Marcinczyk married Alycia J. Aylward, daughter of WHO and WHO, in Bristol on October 30, 1982.

Patricia Ann Marcinczyk married Paul M. Segill, son of William Segill and Shirley Blond, in W. Hartford on May 18, 1986.

Stanley A. Marcinczyk Jr. married Sandra Bogdan, daughter of Henry Bogdan and Annie WHO, in New Britain on May 23, 1987.

Children of Joseph Anthony (Marcinczyk) Martin and Anna Mary Lejkowski:

Theodore Stanley Martin married Martha Jean Donahue, daughter of WHO and WHO, in Chicopee, MA on DATE [D].

Children of Theodore & Martha:
Gregory Martin and Laura Martin

Thomas J. Martin married 1st Maria Burke [D], daughter of Michael Burke and Bridgett WHO, in England on DATE. Married 2nd to Deborah Kim Treloar, daughter of Robert Treloar and Daphne Ambler, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 30 Jun 1984.

Children of Thomas & Maria: Sean Thomas Martin and Marc Michael Martin; Child of Thomas & Deborah: Kristoffer James Martin

Children of Edward Joseph (Marcinczyk) Marz and Norma Phyllis Shumway:

Daniel Joseph Marz married Lauren Elisabeth Hatch, daughter of Stephen W. Hatch and Leslie L. Paholke, in Madison, WI on November 23, 1996.

Their children: Devan Joseph Marz and Sydney Elisabeth Marz

Jane Elizabeth Marz married Steven Alan Sheline, son of Norman E. Sheline and Nancy L. Vandersall, in Wisconsin Dells, WI on July 23, 1983. Jane died March 7, 2009 in Fitchburg, WI.

Their children: Zachary Stephen Sheline and Chad Alan Sheline

John Edward Marz married Suellyn Kay Schmitz, daughter of Lewis J. Schmitz and Yvonne L. Mooney, in Arcadia, IA on February 6, 1965.

Their children: Susan Jane Marz and Sara Jane Marz

Peggy Ann Marz
married Peter Lee Pitts, son of Frank G. Pitts and Lorraine A. Nance, in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 6, 1974 [D].

Their child: Christopher James Pitts

Peter William Marz married Barbara Ann Bonnan, daughter of Joseph A. Bonnan and Albeina H. Kodis, in Chicago, IL on July 23, 1977.

Their children: Timothy Peter Marz and Anthony Jacob Marz

Children of Bertha Catherine Marcinczyk-Martensky and Claude Raymond Morin:

Claudia Florence Morin married Stanley Edward Grala, son of Bronislaw J. Grala and Maryanna A. Boguslawska, on May 12, 1945. Stanley was born in Baba, Ostroleka, Mazowieckie, Poland on July 11, 1923. He died in Port Charlotte, FL on November 1, 1991. [See also]

Their children: Judith Ann Grala, Diane Lynn Grala and Stanley Edward Grala, Jr.

Roswell Robert Morin
was born August 5, 1928 in Hartford. He died there on January 26, 1929.

Children of Sophia Clare Marcinczyk and Michael Angelo Nardelli:

Judith Anne Nardelli married David Andrew Scalley, son of John Scalley and Barbara Hunt, in Woburn, MA on June 5, 1993.

Their children: Teresa Marie Scalley, Julia Anne Scalley and Olivia Jean Scalley.

Kathleen Marie Nardelli married Daniel J. Moran, son of Daniel Moran and Imelda WHO, in Woburn, MA on October 8, 1995.

Marianne Michelle Nardelli married Stephen Harold DeCelles, son of Kenneth DeCelles and Marge WHO, in Woburn MA on April 15, 1989. Stephen was born August 16, 1949 in Woburn, MA and died there on May 4, 1995.

Their children: Sarah DeCelles and Amy DeCelles.

Michael Angelo Nardelli Jr.

Stephen Rocco Nardelli married Catherine Bennett, daughter of Norman Bennett and Gloria L. WHO, in WHERE on September 9, 1999.

Their children: Adam Nardelli and Joshua Nardelli.

Susan Claire Nardelli married Mark Collins, son of Richard A. Collins and Clara C. Mooney, in Lowell, MA on December 22, 1979 [D].

Their children: Melissa C. Collins, Matthew J. Collins and Kyle A. Collins.

"Family is everything. It defines you ... the heart of your spirit, the heritage of your smile ... not only the color of your eyes but how they see the world. You are bound by kinship. You add your own link to the chain, and that is where you strengthen or weaken what you have been blessed (or burdened) with. That is where you use the indefinable quality that belongs to only you, the bit of uniqueness you pass on to your children for good or bad, the part of you that will always be separate from those who share your name, your blood and your past." -- Deborah Smith, from Blue Willow

D=Divorced; Birth dates & places of living individuals unpublished for security reasons; Unless otherwise indicated, all events took place in the State of Connecticut.

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