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Daniel Joseph Marcinczyk

Daniel Joseph Marcinczyk was born to Jan J. Marcinczyk and Marianna Panasewicz on February 17, 1870. At the time of his birth, the family resided in Ostrowa, Dąbrowa, Białostocka, Poland.

His first voyage to America was made in 1909 when he arrived in New York aboard the SS Kroonland on July 6, 1909. He stated that he was coming to his brother, Jan Marcinczyk, in Bridgeport, CT and named his brother Matheus Marcinczyk as his nearest reative in his place of origin. When the 1910 census was taken, Daniel was living in the same household as Jan.

Daniel then returned to Poland, where he married Wiktoria J. Hryniewicz, the daughter of Piotr Hryniewicz and Franciszka H. Chryniewicka, on October 7, 1912 in Ciszowa, Stabinie, Poland. Victoria was born in Grodzisk, Podlaskie, Bialystok, Poland on December 8, 1894.

On January 29, 1913, Daniel and Viktoria "Marzinczik" departed for New York from Bremen aboard the SS Kronprinzessin Cecilie [shown here], gave their last place of residence as Ostrowo and stated they were coming to Jan in Bridgeport, CT. He named a brother Maciej as his nearest relative in their country of origin.

Children born to Daniel and Victoria were: Joseph Anthony Marcinczyk born June 3, 1915, Stanley K. Marcinczyk born October 1, 1917, Edward Joseph Marcinczyk born January 17 1920, Helen Theresa Marcinczyk born March 30, 1922, Mary Theresa Marcinczyk born December 31 1923, Anna Marcinczyk born July 13, 1928 and Sophie Clare Marcinczyk [living].

Daniel died in New Britain, CT on March 19, 1948. Victoria died there on October 1, 1983.


  • 1910 Census -- "Dona Mastenki" living at 495 Park Ave., Bridgeport [see Mystery Solved!].
  • 1920 Census -- "Marcincik" living at 113 Orange St., New Britain.
  • 1930 Census -- "Marcinzyk" living at 186 Lyman St., New Britain. [In process of becoming a citizen.]
  • 1934/1935/1936 Directory -- "Marcinczyk" living at 104 Gold St., New Britain [emp. mach opr SWks].

Photograph: Daniel, Victoria and their sons Joseph, Edward and Stanley.

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